Intro of myself

Hey guys I want to learn the skills to trade forex. The purpose is for supplemental income, save money, & pay off loans. I can then utilize that extra pay to put it towards something beneficial for myself & others.

Welcome to the community, @zdryd001. Start with the education section here if you haven’t done that yet.

I hope you put in the time and effort to acquire the foundational knowledge needed to even start trading and to be able to achieve your goals. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Wrong mindset. FX trading is not an income source because you can and will lose money - as do 90% of others newbies. Not many understand that, or just ignore it because they listen to social media marketing hype. Fantasy land.

There is no short cut to gaining experience, becoming proficient, and becoming competent. So, take it seroiously, and let any rewards take care of itself.

You can visit the educational section of babypips to learn many new things.

Welcooome. :blush: I hope you enjoy your stay here. :blush: Have you started with the school? :thinking:

Welcome to the community