Hi friends!
I am new member here and I will stay here to learn myself HARVEY.

I am a great gambler.

hi welcome to the forums. I too am a gambler :slight_smile: I have been playing texas holdem for quite some time. since getting into forex I am finding that this also requires alot of disipline and patience. since coming here I have been using the school and learning alot about trading . so my advise such as it is use the school . again welcome.

I hate to tell you but your gambling skills don’t mean squat when it comes to Forex, except for patience & discipline. Anyone can bet Red/Black or even trade long or short and win 10 times in a row but that streak will wipe them out if they have the wrong mindset. The odds are stacked against you if you aren’t prepaired. Also who are you going to bluff, the trillions of individuals like ourselves, the banks, the hedge funds :). We like to think of Forex as a business and no ones goes into business to gamble there money away. You have to build a system, practice the hell out of it, tweak it, if it doesn’t work start the whole process over again until you get it right. Even a perfect system will fail if you don’t have lots of patience & discipline. I guess what I am trying to say in this looong winded post is don’t just into forex like your placing a bet in the casino :D. Read the below thread to see many opinions on this subject. I’d say good luck but if you know what your doing than you don’t need any stinking luck ;). Welcome to the site!!


Topgun: I think you misinterpreted what i was saying. I agree that disipline and patience are what poker and forex have in common. also poker for me is a business. and the other similarities are practice build a stragedgy and everytime you enter a trade it is like paying or calling the big blind because you can only try to anticipate where the trade is going,there is no crystal ball. how many times have you went into a position only to be stopped out? If you think playing poker is all about bluffing its not its about risk management.

Forex is based on your Predictions, Estimates, and Trends. In no way is Forex NOT a Gamble. Anything that has a significant portion of Luck involved is a Gamble. As much as I would like this to be pure logic/skill and no luck it simply is not the case, if it were anyone willing to invest 6 months worth of their time to learn it would quit their jobs tomarrow and live happily ever after.
For some reason people on these forums freak out when Forex is compared to Poker, all the while there is not a single thing that is a closer comparisson, if you know of one, please enlighten me.

In Poker a small % of players are BREAK EVEN, an even smaller % are in the black. Poker is roughly 54% skill and 46% luck. “Who will you bluff?” Obviously you either don’t play poker or your one of the large % in the red because if you use bluffing as your primary edge you wont go far. The two games are almost identical in so many ways, you just have to learn the math or in Forex, how to read charts and make educated guesses which may be correct, or break you.

I don’t mean to be mean, as I look over what i’ve written maybe I was a bit to direct. If you think im an ass, your right and I apologize, I will probrably do it again though.:slight_smile:


Your correct if you spend enough time in any pursuit of making money, you can probably make a living at it with enough time, patience, and money. Whether it is poker, investments, real estate, porn. ;oO

People have a probelm with your comparsion in the terms of saying Forex is “just” a gamble. I joke around about everything being a gamble in life. But the truth is with knowledge you can identify trends more than a mere 50/50. In poker you can read your opponent and get a edge if you can identify a weakness in him or just flat out get the right cards. If you take the bluff factor out of Poker then it is merely just who gets the better cards, if everyone is even on figuring the odds and using same risk management.

Forex you don’t have to wait for the right cards. If you only want to go with main trends and your favorite pair isn’t long on that trend, and your not interested in shorting it with the carry trade in mind. you can just jump pairs. there is no one to bluff. Try bluffing your broker with a high leverage trade and have it go wrong and see how fast they call your bluff with a margin call. ;o)

If you just straight up tell new people that it is strictly a gamble and don’t write anything more then that would lead them to believe that it is only 50/50 chance and with your nest egg on the line some people would not take that risk. Most here at Babypips are trying to tell people with educating yourself and using some control with the leverage, you can make money with this and it isn’t just a scam.

But if you get good with anything in life that has opporunity to make money, no reason you can’t make a living from it. Which in some context holds truth to making money in poker and/or making money in forex. Which your correct on. A comparison can be made between anything that makes money. Anything in life can be said to be a gamble. Heck an asteriod could fall out of the sky and land on your car on the way to pick up your winning lottery jackpot check that was a guaranted to be cashed if you just would have survived the asteroid

My personal opinion I rather be in an investments than poker , since I feel I have a little more control over identifying trends than leaving it to the mere shuffle of the deck. Bottom line in my eyes, if you have two equally stout Poker players it all boils down to the shuffle, if they are truely equals.

How many times have you watched on TV the world poker champ, get waxed by a new guy on nothing more than not being able to read the new guy yet. Certain level of play it is just random shuffle with only edge left is the reading of the opponent if that wasnt the case, then the champ should never lose to a rookie new guy on the scene.

I don’t get mad at anyway since we are all learning here :). I never really play poker in the casinos so thanks for both of you for enlightning me with the similarities to FX. I play a lot of Texas Holdem and I am actually getting ready to head to AC (Atlantic City) to play tonight. I know Forex, poker, holdem and all these games have some sort of luck or gamble involved since we all know that anything can happen at any moment. I just like FX so much because we can push the odd in out favor using good money management and a well back tested system. Guess I just lose to much in poker because all you can do is wait for the cards to go your way and bet accordingly. Talk to ya all on Sun night or Monday