Introduce Myself

Hi my name is Shanda Barnett.
I currently reside in Monroeville AL I am a single mom looking for a way to increase my income.
I found out about you guys through a family member and would like to know more about trading stocks.
I’m really excited to get started!

Hi, welcome to the forum I respond to these posts because having been in FX for a while I’m always concerned that people are looking to to supplement or even replace there income through trading.
FX is long process if you can master it in a year, join a brokerage and trade professionally, if you can master it in 2 years your on your way to not blowing your bank, your returns should be around 10/20% per annum. ( some traders will be less, some traders will be more.)
Once past this point and if you’ve not given up by then with enough capital you could possibly derive an extra income.
Make sure you are fully prepared to enter the market, learn, take advice, proceed with caution.

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