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Hi everyone, am knew here i dont have any trading experience what so ever. i want to learn the trade and manage to make money to finance my dreams and take care of my family

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It will take time, eight months minimum to learn how to trade forex properly and proficiently. 90% of newbies lose their money, as it’s a speculative venture. That’s the reality.

Start your journey by pressing the Education button above. One step at a time.

best of luck.

I am Krishna. From Malaysia. I was in this 4 years back but left after a few months because of busy schedule. Back again now. Want to start from scratch. I know I got pt in some effrt if I want to learn anything at all. I hope to complete the full course this time around. Thank you for the second chance.

You are welcome here. Start your learning journey from education section of this website. There’s no short cut in forex trading. So never try to find one. It takes time to be skilled. Have patience and determination.

hello my name is Alec. I have no experience in FX but I’ve signed up today and am hoping to start my journey to financial freedom or even just a world with a bit more opportunity. I hope I have found the right place to begin :slight_smile:

Hi Alecc93,
Same here…cheers to financial freedom.

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For forex beginners, it is important to understand that your forex trading career can be really tough if you don’t work hard. You need to learn and do a lot of research before you risk your money. If you don’t, you will come on the list of traders who lose badly in the market.

Hello everyone , I am Rashi Rajwal. I love to search new ideas of investment