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Hey my name is Ryan, I’ve been studying forex for about a year now taking in loads of content but haven’t started live trading yet. I want to start soon so I can apply what I’ve learned but I don’t have much guidance which is why I joined this community. I wanted a place where I could get my questions answered as well as opinions on my views.

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Welcome. So what is your plan? Have you been practising on a demo account? If not start today. On a live account, you’ll need minimum $500 to stand a chance of not blowing it.

Otherwise, you could take the cheapest FTMO challenge first. They will give you a FREE demo account for 14 days - which could suit you. That is not a recommendation, as their rules are strict and their profit targets would encourage overtrading, IMO, but it is an alternative trading route.

And use this forum to ask whatever you need to know about FX - there are several profitable traders who could help you progress. Remember, keep it simple.

best of luck.

Hey thanks for replying to my post, I started demo trading for about 3 weeks in February and was in profit but I stopped because I had to take a break to go on a school study tour and haven’t started back since. I was using a supply and demand strategy that I derived and backtested from watching probably over 30 hours of Sam Seiden videos (online trading academy) on YouTube but because I like to learn, I found some more great content and have added to my knowledge base since then which I feel is whats confusing me. I like how you said “keep it simple” and maybe that’s what I need to do but as I said I don’t have any structured guidance so I have no idea how to approach applying what I know. I’ve been Grinding for the past year and I know that I have more than enough knowledge to trade profitably but I need to prove it. What would you suggest I do?


You can also find other references here…

Thanks for the reply but I don’t think I need any more information right now, not saying that I know absolutely everything but I went through part of the baby pips school already as well as multiple courses and hours of independent research from videos and books so I think I have enough knowledge to start applying to actual trading. I’m looking for advice on how to apply moving forward. Thanks again.

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