Introduce Yourself

        Hi Im a newbie to Forex trading. I'm from The Bahamas. I've always been trying to find different ways to make an income. Recently I found out about trading. I want to learn as much as I can to finacially free & better myself and loved ones.
        Why Forex?

Since I found out about trading I have been searching to find a realiable source of information about how to trade and the essentials. While searching, I as recommended to BabyPips.
My dreams and goals is to one day own atleast 7 businesses to grow my captial & help my family to become finaclly free.

Well, you have set yourself unrealistic targets, IMO. FX trading in itself, is a serious fulltime business venture which requires specialist skills to become successful. That means at least one year of hard work to become proficient and profitable.

best of luck.

hi and welcome , baby pips is a good forum we have from all for the beginners level.

welcome to this knowledgeable forum , have very good journey

hi and welcome