Introducing my self

Hello everyone. I’m Dave from Nigeria. A new student of Pipsology. Hoping to be the best I can, so help me anything or anyone that answers prayers.

Well, press the green education button above, and start your learning journey. best of luck.

start from learning and one thing always remember there is no short cut way of learning , of course you have to pass a long time in there with great level of patience.

have you done any basic level of trading ? if not i think its more appropriate to start with baby pips school including a practice account.

finish the psychology of school minimum for 2-3 times, it will give you more information and knowledge which will support you a lot when trading in a real account. thank you

Hi my name is Bongani, From KwaZulu Natal ,I need to be a part of something bigger than myself and understand Forex.

Welcome all the best on your journey

Het Dave. make a good plan to make money from this market.

Educational section of babypips is the best source of learning.

Before investing any money please practice on a demo account.

Sincere opinion, members of this forum are fantastic. Making someone feel at home is not the least of a all the great gifts that can be given. Thanks to everyone who sent me comments. I am most grateful.