Introducing myself: All about me

Hey, I’m Tamia , I’ve been trying to fully grasp the concept of forex for a few months now. I want to be a trader so that I can live the life I always wanted to live. Get a chance to experience financial freedom. Get a chance to travel the world and prospect. Also so that I can have generational wealth as well.


Welcome, Tamia.

We are very glad to have you on board. I hope we get to see your trade ideas soon.

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Hi Tamia! Have you finished the school here? Just continue practicing and hopefully one day you’ll achieve your goals.

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welcome to the madness Tamia. As wonderful as your intentions are, this is the very mindset that struggles in trading. The mindset you need is about probabilities. You need to have the same mindset of a professional trader, focused on numbers and stats and never on the money or lifestyle that money can bring. The love of money is the root of all blown accounts. Money, wealth and lifestyle comes as a side-effect.

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