Introducing myself

Hi there

My name is Guilherme and i’m from Portugal.
I started my journey in forex just 2 months ago and i have been reading books and assisting webinars and so on but im a little bit confused at the moment. Its just too much information at once and too many diferent opinions about the strategies.

Well all courses are paid but i dont have any money to enter any course so now i’m trying babypips to see if i can finnaly learn something with this comunity.

What i look for in this market is to change my life the big way. I’m lost, i have a restaurant and i work 12h a day, 6 days a week and i receive less than 700 € p/month.

So when i discovered the forex i started to see a light at the end of the tunel, and i am so focused in this right now as i never was in anything before.

So this being said, i hope to find my way in this comunity.

Thank you for the opportunity and lets work.

Welcome to BabyPips, Guilherme.

The knowledge you seek is here in both the free School of Pipsology (under Education at the top of the page) and helpful members to answer your questions.

Take your time, learn it, practice it, and you can change your financial situation.