Introducing myself

Hi, I am Iphie, from Nigeria. I have always been interested in forex. Just didn’t know where to start, I have also done some research and I want getting the right kind of information I felt I needed since I didn’t know the first thing about forex trading. A friend of mine is a trader and has encouraged me to learn. And I am glad I found this community courtesy of my instructor . I m super excited about the journey already.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Hi, this is a good place to start :+1:

Welcome welcoooome. :blush: I think this is definitely a good place to start! :blush: It’s free and you can basically learn on your own pace. Haha. :smiley: But, you mentioned you have an instructor? Lucky for youuu! :open_mouth: How did you find them? :blush:

Hehehe, thank you. I found a training institute here in Nigeria.

Thank you. I m glad.

:blush: thank you very much.

Hi and welcome to the platform. You can go to the School of Pipsology section of the website to have a look at different courses and start learning.