Introducing myself

hello, my name Jimmel. I’m looking forward to learning new things and I’ve noticed forex is a growing topic so I’ve decided that I wanted to learn more about it. I just want to learn and earn something to help me get out of the financial struggle even if its just little by little. The goal is to be financially stable in order to give back to my family.

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First lesson is to learn NOT TO LOSE YOUR MONEY ON FOREX. Mastering money and risk management is key to being a consistent and successful trader.

Best of luck.


Welcome welcome! :blush: I’m so sorry to know that you’re currently struggling. :frowning: I hope that fore somehow helps you through it. :frowning: It won’t be easy but I hope it’ll be worth it!

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Thank you for the welcome :blush: i know for sure it wont be easy but the more knowledge i earn the better

Hey trading mate, Welcome to the forex. Just remember to be patient and consistent. Good luck to you!

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