Introducing myself

Hi my name is Eric!
I am totally new… I have my own delivery business and need to supplement my income!!!
I was referred to this website and was told to start at Pre-K and graduate to 12.
Any advice or direction would be most welcome.
Thanks Eric

Practise on a demo account first before using your capital. FX trading is simple, but not easy. and making money, let alone a supplementary income source, is never guaranteed, ever.

that’s the reality.

demo is good for knowledge and experience but sometimes i feel its more appropriate to trade in a live account which really important to acquire live knowledge and experience.

most welcome in this community, have a very good journey , i hope you will enjoy the environment with great level of learning.

You can learn a lot from the Baby-pips community here.

That’s right and post that start with a demo account trade. Just put your knowledge and learning to practice with a demo account and zero investment. Analyze the weekly market but don’t waste much of your time here.