Introducing myself

Hello Baby pips community. I reside in Kenya , i am a medical student going to my fourth year. I am a Sagittarius too meaning I have I’m a total newbie in forex and this amazing platform but I’m very optimistic to learn and get seasoned with time to be able to trade and hopefully make money and have experience in this despite my tight academic schedule. I am very curious and adapt quickly to changing trends. Very open to learn from fellow pips in the babypips (see what I did there) Godspeed.

Keep practicing on a demo account.

Hello and welcome! Looks like you’re all set in this journey! Good luck and I hope it won’t be hard for you to balance med school and forex. Good luck!

Thank you for the advice. Will do so.

Thank you so much. I will do my very best to manage the two. I appreciate the encouragement. Cheers!