Introducing Myself

Hello Everyone, I’m here trying to learn forex trading, I’ve been trading off and on for a couple years losing more than winning. Lol but I can’t give up on my dream of financial freedom. I want to learn how to master my trading so I can not only provide a better life for my family but help others in their struggles.

Keep a journal of your trades, what haoppened and why. List your mistakes and how you’re going to prevent it occurring.

Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. That means learning how NOT TO LOSE MONEY, to preserve your capital at all times.

Keep grinding mate, find a strategy that works for you

Hello Everyone, I come from Indonesia. I join this forum to learn Forex trading from the masters like all of you. Thank You very much

Master trading in demo account first. It is safe and take time.

Welcome to the community, @Treal7. Mistakes are not entirely bad but it’s important that we learn from our mistakes. Hopefully you’re trading on demo instead of live. If you’re trading live then maybe you can consider switching back to demo so that you don’t incur further real money losses. Good luck on your fx trading journey.