Introducing myself

Hi great people,
Am Pitah, a newbie to forex trading from Kenya,a country known for it’s marathoners,and av joined Bibypips to learn forex trading,as it’s the ONLY institution that will keep running :running_man:‍♂24/7,365days,no retirement needed here.Hoping am welcomed :+1::grinning::smile::wink::clap::blush::+1:

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Welcome to the community, Pitah. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

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I see what you did there. :smiley: Hahaha. Good luck with your forex trading! :smiley: Have you already checked out the school here? :blush:

Thanks Zianfx,hoping to catchup with the old folks n pros.

Hi ria-rose,thanks, will be checking with d sch soonest.

Welcome, good luck on your journey.