Introducing myself

Looking to grow more with a group or single person. Share ideas and trade strategies

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My name is Sha’Quan Walters and one word that well describes me is optimistic. I have a lot of dreams to be completely honest. A kid who still has balling dreams, with money and sports. A goal i have with Forex is to be on a similar level as the guys i see on youtube who’ve claimed to utilize this platform as well. Swag Academy is one of the main guys i watch, alongside with MambaFx. I was taking the time to learn from them and their strats, but i recently came across a video exposing how they are “Fake Gurus”. i figured that the guys were just hating on them but still wanted to navigate in my own because of how independent i am.

Feel free to post your ideas !

Welcome to the community, @chrisestrada133. Just share away. Hope to hear more from you in the future. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Hello and welcome! How long have you been studying forex? This is a great community to share ideas and learn from each other. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

ive been studing for about 2 years now, still practicing on being profitable. ive only seriously studied swing trading because of my full time job, would like to be a scalper.if you have any tips or would like to connect then let me know because i would like to. we can share knowledge @baemax023