Introducing Myself

Hi there. My name is Mandla From Durban South Africa, and I’m entirely new to both FOREX and Babypips. I’m 20, I’m still in College (Although I’m probably spending too much time reading about Fx rather than doing my college work), and I love video games.

Recently a friend of mine introduced me to both FOREX and Babypips and I’m very glad he did. I’ve discovered a passion for Forex over the past month and I absolutely love learning about it. There’s a lot more to Forex than I originally thought (and I like that), so I’m going to stick with it and perhaps one day make some moneys out of it.
I’m going to take it slow and learn as much as I can until I know I’m ready.

And I’d just like to mention that the Babypips community is probably the best and most helpful community I’ve ever encountered on the internet. I’m excited to learn, and I know that the wonderful people here are here to help.

Good luck MandlaPercivel, knowledge is power!

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