Introduction about me

Hey I am new and I want to learn how to get a second income . I was introduced to stocks at tertiary but later on I left it then life went on but now I feel that I should go back and take a look .
I need to be less dependent on a steady salary 1 thing the pandemic has taught me is that you cant keep putting things off .
So here I am ready to take risks and jump in .

Please take me by the hand

Hi and welcome. Start with forex, then crypto and at last with stocks.

Before thinking about making money, learn how to trade properly and proficiently first and foremost. As 90% of newbies blow there accounts, the odds are against you from day one.

Best of luck. There are no guarantees, ever. Forex trading is a speculative venture.

um agree with this message , move on step by step and of course first priority should on Forex trading and then all others.

hi and welcome