Introduction... as I am a new trader here

Hi everyone.

I’m dre, I’m new here… I will like to get in touch with everyone here as I look forward to learn and grind more… I’ve heard and read alot about baby pips and that’s why I decided to joing this great organization…

I am free and will love to talk about things we here for and other things too :grin:

In from Nigeria… I have a background in trading and I’m not totally new to it… I hope i will get a PHD in trading later :laughing::grin::grin: too

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You have joined a great community here :slight_smile:

Have you just started trading?

If you are new in this market, you have to learn all the basics first. Without basic knowledge, you can not survive in the market for so long. You can visit the educational section to learn many new things about forex.

I have not started trading real account

I want to start soon… I have been trading demo account for about a year now…

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Thank you… I really appreciate

Sounds like you have been doing things in the right way and learning your craft first

Yes… I’ve been learning for a long time now

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Preparation is key you should feel confident for the next step,