Introduction from a Newbie

Hi all,
My name is Josh. I’m 27 and I live in Rhode Island. I’m new to trading and looking to learn all there is to know about the Forex market and trading in general. I have traded a small amount before in the past, but lost most of it from not knowing what I was doing. My goal in joining this forum is to meet some new people, make some friends, and learn what it takes to be a consistently profitable trader. What sold me on this forum is the amount of education there is in the pipsology school and all throughout the forums (and also the comic relief in many of the posts :p).

Hopefully one day I can say that I’m a profitable trade and even maybe a full-time trader. But until then, its off to the pipsology school for me. (There’s nothing like going back to preschool in your late 20’s lol)

See ya around!


Hello buddy, I hope this time right you can succeed in forex, take your time, don’t rush and good luck