Introduction - Hey BPeeps!

My name is Dylan, I am a COMPLETE newb when it comes to trading period. I have taken an interest solely for the fact it just feels right…feels like something that I can be great at. The concept and psychology behind this is what pulls me in, and I am so excited to learn as much as I can about Forex, strategy, reading charts, and trading overall.

I am an 8 year Army veteran, and in my 3rd year of my BS despite me being 30yo (yikes!) haha but hey my 20s were spent on bases and overseas so what does a guy do ya know? Trying to catch up! :wink: I run a small business in Atlanta, but originally from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Anybody else here from Seattle area?

I will gladly accept any advice or knowledge…any tips or criticism…anything that you feel can help me in any way, I will receive with open arms. As of now, I am literally the greenest of greens…starting from the VERY beginning. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask my friends, thank you!