Introduction Myself

Hello. I am Robert. I am new in this platform. Help me to learn some tools and techniques.


have you finished any kind of basic level as like psychology of school ? or trading in a demo as practice account?

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I am now practicing in a demo account.

demo is really good but the main problem when we take knowledge from demo account actually it not works when trading in a real account.

its true i have experienced this kind of already , that’s why it is more appropriate to trade in a micro account as for practice. it will supportive for live trading knowledge and experience.

Welcome. I would advice you take a look at ICT videos on you tube.

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welcome to baby pips forum , enjoy your stay

Ensure you learn from the education tab and take that into your demo account otherwise it is directionless practice. You can learn plenty from looking on demo and understanding how candles move and the possible whys as well. A micro account is worth looking into down the line but don’t rush into spending your money.

You are most welcome. It is nice that you have started demo trading. Learn some basic things about the Forex market such as support, resistance, trendline, channel, reversal pattern etc. Do a search on the internet. You get a lot of videos. Start watching as many as you can. Do backtesting and find out how your trading lessons go with the market. Soon you will find yourself in a position to establish some excellent trading strategies.

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demos experience most of the time works to fail and for that reason we the traders always ignore this place but to become a knowledgeable trader there is no way to ignore demo.

yes its a very good source , agreed