Introduction myself

Hi Dearest, greetings, Iโ€™m Egege and new to FOREX TRADING, but I have love the concept and beg every one of you to assist me understand it,. Thanks.

Helloooo. :blush: Welcome to the community. :blush: Try to gather as much knowledge as you could from the school here and other free trading resources. :smiley: Then, if you have any questions, donโ€™t be shy and just ask away over here. :blush:

Hello Excel, please donโ€™t use beg word, you are like our friend. I will help you without any condition, & tell me what you want to assist.
For any information, you can contact me through my website.

Greetings, Iโ€™m glad :blush: to hear that, thank you so much. I have read a little, but the mean thing is mastering the brokers interface and knowing how to use it. once again thank you

Greetings, thanks, your advice is very useful.

Welcome! I advice to look up info about market maker trading. It will give you the edge you need. 70%+ profitability very well doable. You will have to study very very hard, but it is worth it. :+1:

Thanks, how do I get this market Maker trading ?

Here you go :wink:

You need proper education about trading before making any investment in this market.

Hello and welcome to the community. As a beginner, you must know your patience limit in loss and in profit. Also, control your fear and greed.

Hello Egege. The best way to earn is to put in efforts to learn and start trading by building your own system.

Okay, but these brokers are the real problem, I have heard treble thing about them. Is there away to get fair broker ? As Iโ€™m being discouraged about their attitude .

Welcome to the community, Egege. Good luck on your fx trading journey.