Introduction of Kleinerbroker

Good morning @All from Germany :slight_smile:

I found this site via Google and appreciated the layout as it fit�s best to my personal trading-situation/trading-CV .

I am into trading since 2 years but have to admit that my first year of experiance rather shall be understood as gambling/playing poker than trading . :smiley: (by the way, this is the smiley I like most) .

Through another forum I found out, this was like 6 months ago , that there are tools “which might be able to help” :rolleyes:… such as MACD , Slow Stochatics and so on . Really,that�s the way it happened to me … (I have a technical profession ) … but before “Magicbroker” I did not know any charting stuff nor that it would exist .
After a lot of testing (shares, KO�s , CFD�s) I am focusing on

  • invest in shares (
  • EOD trading with CFD�s in the NYSE later, when economics are more stable again , (CMCMarkets )
  • FX trading in a combination of day and swingtrading . I use ABN (RBN/marketindex) which is very similar to Oanda .

For Charting I use (which is same like

My P&L in this two years is very “red” of course , in the last three months I am at break even .
This last three months also I started to focus on FX trading and I am now working on a combination in which I apply MACD , Stocha , parabolic SAR and BWILC with some success .

I am here, because I want to deepen my knowledge on FX and get really successfull. This to me means,to have much more winning trades than looser. I do not want to be rich in a couple of days , but I want to have fun by trading … ok, and if I would be rewarded with real money, if my trade is a winner … the better :smiley: .
I am looking for people which trade as a hobby , “relaxed traders” , people which like to share their ideas with others free of charge …because that�s the way I want to be here .


PS1.: The way I trade can best seen in]\ • Thema anzeigen - Kleinerbroker übt…Teil 2 … Ergänzungen Please see the three charts in Post #106
PS2.: Pls excuse my strange English, its not my motherlanguage

Herzlich willkommen!

This is a great place to learn. Don’t miss the Babypips school.


and thanks for the tip … I had allready my first classes … the way Fibbo is being explained in this school is the best most understandable I have seen .