Introduction of myself

Hi I’m Raymond and I’m here to build financial wealth so i can maybe buy my dream house. I’m from Cape Town South Africa and have experienced some losses as i thought my preliminary knowledge was enough for the market. If there’s anyone who can direct me to the most basic education for successful trading I would love to be a seasoned trader.



There is no short cut to basic education for successful trading, because it could take years to become proficient. If it was otherwise we would all be millionaires.

It is a hard slog to even become a consistent break even trader every month, and I can only advise you to focus on learning how to become a trend trader using order flow for price action movement and seeking out a positive probability that most of your trades would be profitable.

That is the reality.

Hey! Welcome to the forum and also to the trading world :slight_smile: Personally, I suggest that before you dive into the deep end, start with a demo account, it was a real game changer for me. Once you’re comfortable, you can start transitioning to the real deal, bit by bit. Happy trading!

hi and welcome in BP community :grinning: all answers above are good, after finish the school o pipsology check this post Program your success

Welcome Raymond! The School here is a great foundation for beginners. Also, feel free to ask questions here - there are plenty of friendly people who are more than happy to help. Good luck on your trading journey!

Welcome Raymond! Take your time learning and do not rush into trading with your real money. Good luck on your journey!