Introduction of myself

Good day to all of you. I am Gerelchimeg from Mongolia. I am totally new to forex, FX trading and everything. I heard about this community from my cousin who told me this one is the most organized and helpful one. I am currently a Master’s student in Budapest majoring in International relations.
Prior to this, I used to work in a financial group which also consist of securities company.

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Hi Gerelchimeg and welcome! I loved Mongolia when I visited a few years ago while travelling along the Trans-Siberian railway! Make sure you get stuck in to the course on the education tab and ask away on the forum if you have questions!

Thank you so much for your warm welcome. I am following the lessons from the very beginning. Next time, travel around Mongolia, it is so beautiful :slight_smile:

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Good plan! Yes I would love to go back out there and explore more of the country. Has a real charm about it.