Introduction of Myself

I know absolutely nothing about trading. My dad and brother are constantly talking about it at the dinner table, and I often feel excluded because I have no input to give. Therefore, I thought babypips would be a good way for me to learn a little bit about the world of trade and start giving my own input at the dinner table as well!


Hello and welcome . As a beginner best thing to do is follow School of Pipsology course. (It’s completely FREE) When you complete it you’ll have a really good theoretical knowledge.

While doing that start demo trading too. keep trading for at least a few months to build up your confidence and then think of starting with real money.

While doing these find any and every PDF, YouTube video , website, blog article you can find and keep learning.

Good Luck!

It is one of the best learning sources in my opinion. Go to the education section where you will find everything regarding trading.

Its okay to not know anything about forex trading as a beginner. But if you are planning to trade now, learn before you go live. The live market may not be very polite and you may find it difficult to survive in the market without proper knowledge. You can also practice on a demo account to prepare yourself for some typical situations.