Introduction of myself

Hi :wave:. I’m KathyW24 and I’m brand spanking new to forex. I’m from Texas and I want to understand what the heck is going on in the trading world!

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So first of all construct a plan. This is a great education site, and you should take it easy one step at a time to see if FX trading suits you, and your lifestyle. best of luck.

education is more important for any kinds of trader even professional , but if you have lack of others trading part i think good result will not come at all.

as a best part of education i think psychology of school is very much important for all general traders who already started trading.

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Definitely look at the education section on this site, so much free learning!

I think the psychological affects of trading are probably the biggest thing to overcome

Hello and welcome to the forex.

most welcome , everything is here , you can share your any trading conditions even problem , we are here to co operate . thank you , happy trading.

All the best for the future.

Make a good plan to survive in this risky market.

Most traders lose their money because of low knowledge and skills.

Hi everyone,I’m Bella and I am new to trading…Starting this new journey to be financially successful and freedom to be able to grow financially.