Introduction to community

hello from the usa. dont know anything about trading but Im very interested in learning

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Hello and welcome on our community :grinning: start learn on the education section and good luck. Regards Greg

Welcome you, you can choose from a range of resources and build your trading skills with free online courses. Hope this is helpful for you.

I wanted to thank everyone in the forums. I’m new to Forex, and finished all the 334 lessons.

I wanted to buy a computer for trading. At first I wanted a tablet, then realised it wouldn’t suffice.

I didn’t want to go cheap nor overspend beyond my means.

Some people recommend a super fast computer, but some posts here say just go basic and don’t spend unnecessarily.

So, I settled on a simple $200 computer. I’m only using it for demo trading.

The School of Pipsology taught me to take my time and do my due diligence.

I’m going through the lessons again and taking notes. I even already have my trading journal.

Thanks everyone!

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Hello and welcome @talithakumi! I’m sure you will enjoy and learn so much here.

Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself and congratulations on finishing the School! Looking forward to see your trading journal here!