Introduction tod babypips

Hello there. My name is Makori, and I’m entirely new to both Forex and Babypips. I’m still in school, (Campus student) in kenya.

Recently a friend of mine introduced me to both Forex and Babypips and I’m very glad he did. I’ve discovered a passion for Forex over the past month and I absolutely love learning about it. There’s a lot more to Forex than I originally thought (and I like that), so I’m going to stick with it and perhaps one day earn some good income out of it.
I know i still have along way to go before i start making some money off Forex, so I’m going to take it slow and learn as much as I can until I know I’m ready.
Am hoping it will be a fruitful venture as i try this out.

Thanks guys!

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Welcome Makori! Sound like you’re on the right foot. We’ll be looking forward to your progress. Enjoy your stay and good luck with your trading journey!

hi and welcome , this community is very friendly, feel free to ask any problem you have already

Keep remembering that exciting you get from learning trading and the bits you don’t expect to learn as it keeps you motivated longer term.