Hi, Everyone,

My screen name is mahahmad. I am new in this forum. I have great desire to learn forex trading. By chance I ended up on to this website. It look cool very informative and easy to learn too. I will continue sharing my experiences and wish the same from forum members. Sharing is the best tool of learning.

I wish all the forum members successful trading and great learning. :19:

Greetings magagmad :slight_smile: I just discovered this forum too. I like it I hope you will like it and learn here alot too.


Hello and welcome to our forex community! I’m glad you found your way into our website and I’m looking forward to seeing your progress right here. I agree that sharing is a great way to learn and I’m sure that the friendly forum folks here (myself included!) would be happy to give you a hand if you need any help. Good luck and good trading!