Iranians licking religious shrines in defiance of coronavirus spread

Um. what?? :flushed: This can’t be real.

Regardless of the point they’re trying to make, I don’t think anyone should be doing things like this. It might not be the coronavirus that’s on there but something else completely.

Yikes! Seriously? why would they do something like that! :man_facepalming:

Ooooooh. :face_vomiting: I don’t want to really say anything cause it might come out mean or worse, racist, but omg that’s… whyyyyyyy? :face_vomiting:

Didn’t think I’ll be back here to update this thread but here we are:

From Iran to the US…

:frowning: It’s alarming how people seem to be just brushing this off. :open_mouth: I’m not sure why they’re using this pandemic to somehow prove their faith?? :confused:

Aaaand just when we thought things couldn’t get any weirder. :open_mouth:

Huhuhu. That’s just gross. :frowning:

During the Spanish flu people in a small Spanish town did a religious service to pray that it ends, they all kissed the feet of the local saint. That town registered the highest number of deaths in the country.

Well :frowning: That just goes to show that, despite having really strong faith, it’s also best to keep yourself away from potential dangers. :open_mouth:

Are people actually doing that challenge??? If these are the kids today… we are doomed.

Disgusting! :face_vomiting:

TikTok is the the new virus!

No kind of irrational act by people who hold irrational beliefs should be a surprise.


That’s a good point. :open_mouth: Just can’t help but be grossed out by some of these unsanitary things some people are doing. :open_mouth: :face_vomiting:

Frankly, I am not even surprised here. Some people are ready to do anything and everything to get attention.

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Ain’t that the truth.

Regardless of consequence! Crazy.

Here’s another one:

Some people are idiots…

Not just some, unfortunately.

:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

I’m not surprised. :confused: I just hope he learns his lesson from this. :frowning: And I hope this serves as a warning for those who also want to do something like this for clout. :frowning: