Learning the Art of Trading has brought me more in touch with some of life’s finest ironies. Funny how both arenas, life & the market, are full of smoke, mirrors, pain, & glory.

I feel like I’m overflowing with them & I need to let them out. However, in the spirit of not sounding like a babbling fool, I’m going to attempt to distill the more resonant examples and allow their escape sporadically to limit this possibility.

[B]More importantly[/B] I’d really love for other’s to share their’s…


My first is this:

[I]Sometimes what’s “right” is really what “works,” and what seems “right” is really wrong.[/I]

Is this just utilitarian logic?

Sorry, I just can’t resist posting this:

[B]“What’s right is what’s left, if you do everything else wrong.”[/B] — Robin Williams

lovely! :smiley: