Is 10% monthly return in forex ok or should it be higher or lower?

Thank you. What’s your personal monthly goal?

We are looking for 10-15% net profit a quarter.

Monthly return of 3-5% is considered a good result. We manage several millions of funds in total, so, 3-5% is good enough.

I think it is safer to use a demo account with that same amount of money and achieve 10 percent for consecutive three months before moving to a live account. Or you’ll lose your money within one week.

I think that in the beginning you should target profits which would be easily achievable. During time you can increase this limit. The importance is to build good strategy in the beginning, so take it easy with high profitability

first never aim at how much % you can win but rather on which % you don’t want to LOSE
Protect your capital is your number 1 goal
2. if you really want to start with 300 usd only go for a cent account
3. don’t open a live account before you have 1 year profitable trading on a demo one

You dont want to be going for targets as it will cause you to overtrade

Check your strategy. If it is capable of making 6% profit per month, stick with it. This will double your account year on year. Less than that and you’re taking more strategic risk than reward.

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It’s damn great return no matter what other haters are trying to spoonfeed to you, how else we can go with that matter ? I am more than sure most people on that planet would dream on such return to their moneys anyway. I do not know how else to describe this.

completely agree with you here.

also depends on the amount you initially put in too. but neevr rely on it as a full time income. i never did anyways. think that goal is too steep

I know a lot of traders who would be very happy to 10% monthly returns on their money

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i aim for roughly 10% but i trade part time. maybe full timers have much higher goals. but i dont like to be too ambitious

how much you can return from your trading strategy 10 or 15% IT completely depends on your money management, so develop your MM and bring good profit.

It doesn’t depend on your money management at all, it depends on a good strategy. I can kill my account by a hundred 1% drops no problem. My money management was great, I never risked more than one percent.

I think 10% monthly return in forex is a good earning, if you sum up all the earnings in a year, it becomes a good amount tha would suit me as an individual. The percentage increase or decrease would depend on the aims of a person. Therefore 8–10% is good monthly return in forex.

You can only set expectation once you have discovered what your system is capable of doing “naturally”. You will only make losses if you force it because you will tend to make unnecessary trades. That’s my general answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

The amount you are starting with is allright, different traders start at different levels. How much you start with does not necessarily determine what you will get in return. Any amount is fine as long as it is not too low. I cant say what too low is because everyone has their own lower limit.

I haven’t logged on in a while. Thank you all for responding.

What’s your personal monthly target?

I think that for you these figures should be an indicator of effectiveness. At the very least, you need to understand that the higher the yield, the better.