Is an evil clarevoyant spirit possessing me?

:slight_smile: Hello, I am trading from Western Australia. As such i am trading AUD/JPY.
[B]EVERY TIME[/B] i enter a trade on a trend (and the trend may be in for a fair while), suddenly within seconds of my entry the trend TOTALLY REVERSES!:confused:

                              I am new to trading (1 week) (3 months demo)

  The broker i trade with is FXS Forex with Halifax bank. They operate from Sydney but they appear to be an international company.

What is happening here??

 Is :      a) Am i just clarevoyant and subconscously destroying myself?
            b) Are the brokers trading against me?
            c) Is the currency pair i am trading too light in volume thus forcing the brokers to trade against me?
            d) Is my habit of trading when the working hours are closed forcing the brokers to trade against me?

I would much appreciate some advice from experienced traders on this forum. I trade with low leverage, well capitalized and use 15pip (approx) stop losses always. (you never know when your computer may break down).

Thank you in advance, Regards, Tymen.:slight_smile:

Greetings Tymen,

Depending on the spread your broker gives you on AUD/JPY, you’re only leaving yourself around 10 pips to be temporarily wrong. That maybe too tight, depending on your strategy.

What is your strategy? What are you using for entry signals and why are you using it? What time frame are you analyzing AUD/JPY and why?

Without knowing more details of your strategy, all I can suggest is reducing your position size and trade with wider stop losses. I hope this helps.

Thank you, Hobbit for your prompt reply.

Yes, my one week is live trading. I traded the “demo” the same way as the “live” and, according to Pipsology teaching, kept a journal of my trades.

I use a time frame of 30 minutes to keep clear of the “noise” and to allow for sufficient pip travel. I use the 1 and 5 min time frames to try to get a good entry.:slight_smile:

My position size for a beginner is only 3 mini lots (30k) chosen after studying the Pipsology teaching on leverage.

Indicators : the tried and trusty MACD and a special indicator called the Guppy multiple moving average (exponential), so named after the Australian master sharetrader who researched it. This indicator needs a good charting program to load it (i am using the GFT forex Dealbook program which is fabulous). Not all programs will load this indicator i think.

I need to put a screen shot in to show you what I mean. Still need to know how to do that but not at 1.30am in the morning. Tomorrow then.

Given these details : the turn around in the trends after entry were only slightly noticable [U]sometimes[/U] on the demos but very [U]aggressive [/U]and easily seen on the live trades.

Kind regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

Thank you, Pipcrawler for your prompt reply.

The spread my broker gives me on AUD/JPY is 5 pips. I factor this in on the stop loss - thus the total stop loss is 20 pips. I usually allow a little more to stay away from the “round numbers” since i am taught that “stop loss hunting” is a legitimate practice and the brokers “gun” the round numbers.

My strategy as i have explained to Hobbit is to use a conservative MACD
(19,26,9) Coupled with the Guppy multiple moving average (GMMA). This fabulous indicator shows the [U]character [/U]of the trend in a way that no other indicator that i know of can. This then decides whether to obey the MACD entry or ignore it (or maybe to enter later) since i understand that the MACD is correct only about 50% of the time.

The GMMA makes the MACD very accurate. Both of these indicators are very simple but the GMMA needs a good charting program to load it.

My time frame is 30 mins at present with 1 to 5 mins for good entry.:slight_smile:

I have also been studying the posts of [B]James [/B]regarding his “IB” trading approach. I have seen many such IBs on the AUD/JPY charts and the method appears to be very easy to both understand and use. However the amount of pip travel appears to be generally limited.

I think my stop loss allowance may be ok but it is the immediate and very aggressive change in the trend straight after entry that scares me. It is uncanny and feels as though someone is watching.

Finally, i will add a screen shot tomorrow to show what i am attempting to do.

Kind regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

Be careful when you enter a trade. I am beginner too, been that for over 4 months, and will stay that for another 40.

Go to to research your broker and compare your experience with others.

If you have doubts do not enter a trade. Read the news and other tech updates provided by your broker to give you a heads up.



Thank you Bazoonga, I will now check out that site

I am glad that you people know that such sites exist.

Kind regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

Hi Tymen,

I trade the AUD/JPY on 4 hour charts. Ive noticed over the last couple of weeks the market has changed a bit. We arent getting the lovely long trends that we have got for most of this year. Its choppy, and seems to be related to strong resistance around 99.5. My indicators havent been doing too well lately. Keeping my shirt, but not making much profit. (I use an EMA crossover system as well). I wonder if this might not be a problem on shorter time scales as well? I havent really looked.

I had a crack at James’ IB system on AUD/JPY. It wasnt too successful for me. I can see the potential of it, but maybe its just not my cup of tea trading on those smaller time scales.

You mentioned trading outside working hours. This could be a problem. When we arent working here, the Japanese arent working either (roughly). It means that there is relatively little traffic on the AUD/JPY pair. Perhaps it might be worth trading a different pair if you cant trade during business hours? Perhaps the AUD/USD or USD/JPY?

Thanks Orangutan, you see it exactly the way i see it - a man after my own heart.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I use 7 time frames and, yes, the trends have vanished on all of them. Only small choppy waves - you could be right - this might be my problem.

James’ IBs appear frequently on all the time frames i use and the stochastic works nicely with them but the pip travel is limited - due possibly, to the lack of trend??? Things may be better when the charts start trending again. It might be worth trying it then - i think i will have a go.

If indeed there is more traffic during working hours then i must change my shedule to suit - and i can do this. After all, I did choose AUD/JPY because the working hours are the same minus 1 hour only. That means working during the day - who likes to do night shift?:frowning:

The value of the Japanese Yen has dropped markedly, it has become almost worthless - how much more value against the AUD can it lose?!

It is now time for me to try to post a chart of the strategy i use. So i will do that next.

Kind regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

Having trouble posting the charts - asked Administration for help.
Hope problem solved soon.


You mentioned that your broker could be trading against you, however this is unlikely. They probably don’t even care about your account, unless it is huge, so they certainly won’t be adjusting prices just to stop you out. If you are still concerned, get a secondary charting package (e’g metatrader) and watch both charts to check the prices match up. If there are large discrepancies, you should raise your concerns with the broker.

Thank you Fifty2aces - you give me much confidence. I have read much about brokers trading against you and seen the list of brokers to avoid for that very thing on

My broker may be ok after all. Anyhow, I shall continue trading for now and see where that gets me.

I scored my first profit that being 1 pip!!! Well that better than losses.:slight_smile:

Then i forgot to remove the stop loss! - and it went to work during the night. Horror of horrors, saw it the next day, but yippee!, it was in profit. How much - well i got 40 pips!:smiley:

Not strictly the way to operate forex but i am blundering my way to success.:rolleyes: