Is anybody making money!?

I’m getting sick of losing money in these day trading chatrooms! When I heard about this I thought it would be a good fit for me because I enjoy reading about the economic stability of countries! Maybe that will help me, maybe not! I’m still in preschool here. Sticking to the curriculum won’t be a problem as long as I see it’s working! Like I said, Ive been to a couple day trading chatrooms sometimes I think I could do better on my own! Well I look forward to meeting some great people in here and making some money!

Hey Justin good luck to you and hope you find better success here than those chat rooms. Completing the school alone probably won’t generate you any money but it is still very valuable knowledge. I’ve had the most success here by following the journeys of others. Learning from their success and failures to compound those of my own experience. These forums have hidden gems within them, it just takes a little digging.

Yes, I am making money. I am more of a hedge trader and long term trader.
I don’t allow news to distract or deter me.

This is how I trade. I trade with positive swap and with the trend. If market move against me, I am still making money. I make money from the interest swap. I keep making interest profits until the market reverses back to me. When this happens, I get the interest plus the take profit.

And if the market really against me with black swans, I can always “HEDGE”, “RE-BUDGET”, or “RE-CAPITALIZE” as needed. When market is exhausted from black swans, this is where i make the MOST profits.

If I can succeed, you can too brother or sister. As of right now, I am waiting patiently for AUDUSD to go down real low so that I can buy 10 LOTS or so and make a killing. Don’t need God in this equation just brain and good planning.