Is anyone using a business structure to trade?

Hi everyone,

I have been looking for information on what type of business structure is best suited for FOREX trading. There isn’t alot of information out there but maybe I am not searching the right terms. I have read a few articles on LLCs and offshore schemes but there is nothing that has stood out for me to be a good trading vehicle. I did find a old link from the OTA but they are not selling that package anymore which makes me think their structure had holes in it. They were talking about using an LLC and a Corp. in tandem.

I would appreciate any help, signpost or experience you might have to share.


so you want to open a mutual organisation or a brokerage firm of some sort? tried here? Stock broker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I’m not currently doing this, but if you google it, there are a couple companies that help traders set this up.


Setting up the entity is easy. Its deciding what entity is best for your situation.
There are several sites that offer a lot of information regarding this. Traders Accounting and Green Trader Tax are great for getting up to speed on this.

I don’t think you need a an LLC and a Corp tandem. It really comes down to are you really a trader in business or not. One does not have to have an entity to be a Trader in business. It has to do with the frequency of trades and the regularity and continuity of it…

I started an LLC because it seemed to be the best fit for my situation.