Is Blu FX scam?

You are welcome mate. We will always do our best to continue providing excellent service all year round.

Hi Atlas, in reference to providing identification documents for verification I do not have a passport however I have a voters card. Pls would it be sufficient?

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Blufx is real. I joined them in end of feb and since then I have been trading a 50000 account, real account. What a turn around in my life. Thank you blufx… the support team always respond to my emails. I’m happy


I was once funded to trade by TopstepTrader. That was a little while ago and unfortunately violated one of their “trivial” rules even though I was profitable. I decided not to pursue another funded account with them.
But I do want to get funded again. But as I look around I now notice there are 20+ firms that are competing for traders. Who to choose??!


did you get paid?

Yes Qasim. It was delayed, but I was paid. It was less than $1,000. I have created a list of current funders and educators below:
Who are you familiar with?

Apiary Fund
Savius LLC
Actual Traders
Amplify Trading
SMB Capital
Blue Point Trading
Trade net
Chancery Lane Traders
AudaCity Capital
The 5%ers
UProfit Trader

did you get the withdrawls on time then?

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Yes, no problem with the withdrawal.
Topstep is legitimate and one of the original funders. But they are a “one strike and you’re out” kind of a firm. Their business model revolves around combine fees.

i can only recommend blufx because im currently funded by them. they pay on time and very proffessional


Yes it is. It is also another valid means of identification.

Thank you for your review, I’m glad we have been impactful to your life and we will strive to continue to offer excellent services to our esteemed customers.

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Simple and straight forward indeed. Real money, Real trades.
Yes i did. And i also got a piece of the big payout. What a month! I love forex. i love Blufx!!

I can say the same. Every weekend i look forward to the market opening so i can trade. i haven’t felt this good about something in a very long time. I found Blufx at a time when i was at my wits end and needed what they had to offer the most!

Hello qasim. Yes i get paid each time i withdraw.if you scroll up to my previous messages you’d see that i got paid on the 25th, last week which is when they pay everyone who withdraws for the month. I get paid and receive my payment the same day because of the payment option i use. The one that takes longer to arrive is bank wire transfer. I don’t use that.

Thanks Sylvia. Judging by your posts, it appears Blufx is a good fit for you.

Hey haralambos.
I almost signed up with topstepfx before finally choosing blufx. Their rules didnt look like they cared about me passing the challenge. it felt like they just wanted my subscription fee. I think you need to be clear on what you want first and then check out what they all have to offer. I did my research and chose blufx and i have already made money in just few weeks with them. I wanted to trade real money and also money that accumulates even when the month is over and i probably dont hit the minimum target. Blufx had this to offer me and so i chose them. Begin with what you want. Thats my candid advice.

Yes joyce. They are. I hope you have finally made the plunge and signed in. I wish you the best!

Thank you for the information. Yes, we all seek additional sources of income based on our skills. I would like to generate a consistent income trading.
Just one question. Do you have enough “buying power” with Blufx? It appears micro lots are traded. Micros don’t work good with scalp trading. It appears u have to catch some big moves to make enough money to overcome the monthly fee?!:thinking:

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You’re welcome bro.I think you do have enough buying power with what they haveto offer. The leverage is the buying power is much. A 25,000 usd account has a buying power of 75,000 usd while the 50,000 account has a buying power of 150,000 usd. I know they allow scalping but im not a scalper so i have never tried it. I wouldnt say i catch big moves but i made enough to hit the target in less than a month. This is my first month btw.

Hello mate. In Blufx we have scalpers and day traders who are finding success with our platform even with micro lots. We would be pleased to work with you if you decide to take the plunge with us