Is Forex a good working place?

Is Forex a good working place?

It can be lonely, unlikely that family will understand or be interested, so forums like this are great

I tried it for a while, but I was bored. So I took up my old day job again and trade (semi-)automated. I peek at my trades during work and when they fire me I probably have to be bored for a while again while trading. I excepted that I take less trades as I cannot attend the screen all the time when my scripts want me to.

Your Forex-working place will be as you make it, whether you’re trading at home from an office. It’s generally something one does by oneself, it requires peace and quiet and a lot of focus. As it was already mentioned, it can be a little lonely.

Well,Forex is a good working place and you can trade it long term or short term from your home or from your office sitting before Pc or with your mobile. It is so easy to make money in Forex if you have good skills and knowledge about forex.

I like forex because tis market open twenty four hour and I can treat only as part time business which in trading we can use swing strategy and or long term plan trading, although this is risky business but still good business as additional source income

For me its a yes, I am a house wife i have not work since i gave birth, then my friend told me about this trading in forex, so i did try, i am proud to say that now celebrating my first year here in trading, and is nice because trading in forex become one of my source of income.

Yes, Forex can be a pretty good working place if you’re willing to learn, if you practise your knowledge and if you’re careful and thoughtful about your trading.

It depends of your personality. It can be the best for some people or the most boring for others. I believe that if you are profitable trader you wont complain no matter what.

You are right, it is a lonely business especially around our physical surrounding. I don’t have anyone near me who is trading or understand what I do in forex market, so forums are a great place for traders get together.

If you are doing trading alone without any help it require more time to understand forex market. I also learn all trading by self , so do not worry gradually all things will easy for you . Forex is easy and facilitating business. You need some management skill for this business