Is FP Markets an reliable offshore broker?

I’m from Austria and looking to go live with a ECN broker that offers high leverage. I’ll be mainly scalping in Intraday.

I have shortlisted FP Markets as their ECN spreads are the lowest. However, i don’t want to signup with their cysec or ASIC license because of leverage restrictions.

They also have an offshore license FP Markets Group - FP Markets, but i am bit skeptical about the regulation/reliability. Will I be able to deposit/Withdraw without any issues? Can anyone trading with their Global license share their experience?

Not one that I am using. How long have they been around? Also what sort of leverage are you looking for?

They are offshore. I would have used the broker some months ago, but I decided to go with Tenkofx. same low spreads and leverage up to 1:500, and have been for more than 7 years. So I trust them more.

I’m from Germany and i use FP Markets for scalping, the leverage offered to offshore brokers are not great but compared to other offshore broker i would prefer FP Markets.

They are one of the older brokers with over 15 years of experience and due to their ASIC and CYSEC regulation it is reliable, trading with FP Markets over a year now did not face any major issues, the withdrawal and deposit process has been effortless.

The leverage offered to offshore brokers is higher, but when compared with another broker FP Markets is actually way better because of their regulation.

FP markets have an offshore license with St.Vincent, and they are active since 2005 under ASIC and CYSEC. which makes it reliable to deposit/withdraw without any issues and even if any issues occur their customer services is quite quick in responding

On one side you don’t want to sign with the regulated bodies and on the other hand skeptical of unregulated stuff (which is right). Let me suggest an easier way out, go for a broker which is flexible with different strategies, is EA-friendly, allows hedging, etc. Some that I have had a good experience with are alpari, fxview and xm. All 3 are low spread cysec-regulated brokers, should work for you.

You can checkout Forexchief for scalping. Amongst other good things, their platform has a one-click feature. There is no freeze-time.

From my personal experience with FP Markets, they have been reliable so far. No major issues have occurred while trading live or during withdrawals.

I am impressed by this broker because I never expected it to be consistent and stable, even during high volatile market news events.

I’m from London trading with FP Markets, and I’ve been trading with it for nine months. So far, I have no issues with them.

Spreads, slippage and execution are good, and overall it is a good offshore broker.

You can never be as sure with an offshore broker as you can with a regulated company, but I think it is a positive factor that this offshore arm is a subsidiary of an establish global broker regulated by ASIC, FCA and Cysec in its various locations.

A global company like that is not likely to deliberately run a rubbish offshore office! I believe the purpose of this office is precisely to cater for traders that seek to avoid the strict limitations of regulated offices and is most likely to be entirely trustworthy as far as matters are in their own hands. If, though, it were to suffer from external factors then that may well be a different matter.

The fact that all the regulated offices appear to have good reputations suggests this offshore office is also a reliable one.

I’m from Germany and tried several offshore brokers, but compared to those brokers, FP Markets was suitable because of the leverage offered better than other offshore brokers and lower slippage.

From my personal experience with FP Markets, it is a good offshore broker because I trade from Spain using the St.vincent licence, and their execution speed is faster, and spreads are better to other offshore ecn brokers.

From my trading experience with brokers, I find FP Markets is a much reliable because it is one of the oldest brokers active since 2005. It is regulated by ASIC, Cysec and an offshore licence with St Vincent.