Is it good to start trading before finishing the courses just with few indicators?

I haven’t learned the theories,yet!
But I know how to work with technical analysis and where to get fundamental analysis, just worried about not knowing the basics will screw everything!


Trade using a demo account first, that way you do not lose real money while you are practicing.


This might sound surprising for you but I believe the only thing that you should make sure to learn by every detail is “Risk management” and the other things can be delayed and therefore you do not have to learn everything about them before trading.

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Agreed. You still need to practice even if you don’t learn all the theories yet. At least you get used to how to open position, managing stop, etc.

Spoiler alert. It will take you forever to learn all the theories though because we are forever a student in the market. You must refine your craft as you grow.

Only start trading live once you are confident enough to do it. Based on my experience, it will take a while before you can do it. Please remember to save some money while you’re still in demo.Having an extra capital for the future is always a good thing. I wish I have done it back in the day when I started demo.


From one NFT owner to another.

I wouldn’t personally start trying to trade on a demo account until you’ve done all the lessons, as you will be learning all the basics up until the last lesson. I know the course is long, but you also need to remember it is only turning the bare basics you need to start trading. All that will happen if you skip the lessons and go straight to trading is your going to blow the demo account and learn another lesson, which is you need to do all the lessons!

Good luck


Depends on what’s the best learning process for you? :blush: Some people prefer putting theories into practice as they learn it but some people are more comfortable getting familiar with basics first. :open_mouth: I’m a bit curious though, how did you learn about technical and fundamental analyses if you don’t know the basics of trading yet? :sweat_smile: I hope you don’t mind! :smiley:


Are you planning to start with a live trading account or a demo account to practice first? Learning the basics is important to building a strong foundation. Once you have a solid grasp of the basics, you can apply technical and fundamental analysis more effectively.

You can also try demo trading first as you’re going through the Babypips course so you can apply what you’ve learned. It’s a great way to practice without risking real money.


i was also wondering

i fully agree :sunglasses:

I watched a couple of videos on utube and I finished them all and noted everything from the videos but when I wanted to start trading with platforms sounded like I was lost in wonderland​:joy::joy: I knew nothing at all and I searched about every part in google and I learned more and more.but still I couldn’t find the RIGHT trend. so it came up to my mind maybe the way I’m learning is the problem, as I searched in google I found babypips and here I am. I appreciate all the kind guys answered(and still answering​:grin::heart:) my question🫂

Yep, all you’ll find on YouTube is people trying to make you watch videos so they can earn some cash. Most of them don’t have a clue what they’re doing as it’s all about the view count to them.

When you found babypips you found a great place to start your trading journey, and everyone here will help you along the way, with all the bulls**t cut out!


it’s really important to understand clearly what Pauley just said, there, Sarah

don’t try to learn to trade from Youtube, however easy, appealing, enjoyable and interesting it might look

they’re all there directly/indirectly to promote/market something/someone - a tiny minority may talk sense and include some content of value but you (obviously) don’t have the experience to know which ones (no disrespect to you!)

it’s bad and dangerous, not only because it doesn’t work but because it fills you, unknowingly, with misinformation, and that’s very, very hard to correct later when you don’t even know what it is!


hey bro, it is never a good idea to start trading before finishing courses just with few indicators.
trading is not about making money. we all do come to trading to make money but at the end of the day your primary focus should be on not losing money and risking the money, only that which you can afford to lose. trading is the most easiest yet toughest jobs in the world. and indicators are not always the most precise as they are lagging and they work only the basis of past price movements and are no indication of the future price movements. they are only useful for trading or scalping in a very short time. and if you had chosen a very good course and mentor who is profitable himself with just using indicator, then i would suggest understand each and every word he utters and learn everything that is in the course thoroughly and then backtest. then paper trade. then trade with the most minimum money possible. the main thing is your emotions. control your emotions, if not then, no strategy in the world will work. i hope this helps. i wish you the very best in your trading career and hope that you become the best trader version of yourself. have a great journey ahead.

by TheWiz03


What can I say, yo
I nearly supposed to f**k my money because of all of those false self confidence in which the utubers inspired me(getting reachhhhh overnight is possible! But onlyyyy with my couses :thinking: I don’t wanna say I’m not looking for money and make it cliche, but 60% of me trying to learn trading is cuz I love it, seems like the only place I can predict and manage better than my real life LOL, and there’s a thirst inside me which desires to learn everything fast and start as well). I hope karma deals with THE LIARS :expressionless:
Now I’m learning with babypips still haven’t finish preschool(only 3 lessons left,hooray) and u believe me if I say I didn’t know what the heck is margin but I knew how to deal with Fibonacci and find Elliot waves? :crazy_face: :joy:
But that was pretty good experience though

Yep, u’re right…
Don’t know what to say but manipulating people; it’s just ridiculous…
U know I’m thinking clearly and I see that if they really can make money from trading then why they attend to SELL their courses, or even put ads on the videos; isn’t it better to keep the strategy for them and make money of it?
What’s better than an amateur who’s starting from zero to manipulate?

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Thanks for replying, yo
I hope the best for u, too.🫂

I would agree on this. Most of them are just selling you a combination of several indicators and they try to convince people that the strategy would have a positive expectancy in the market. When you try it and the result is not as expected, they say that you have psychology problem that’s why it didn’t work for you. Now they refer you to other trading psychology book that if you pick it up through their link, they would earn another affiliate commission.

But, I still think that not all mentor is bad though. You maybe just haven’t bump into them I think. To me, the key here is if that mentor could change your mindset from a lazy a$$ into a high perfomer trader, stick with that mentor no matter what. To change people from sitting in their couch watching Netflix all day every day into a high competent individual requires hard work and most importantly, the mentor themselves have to be a role model of this ideal.

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The thing is, conceptually, it is possible for successful traders to sell their knowledge.

Successful traders know that the markets change and there is no strategy that will always be successful. Selling their current knowledge does not affect them adversely. If you think that sharing your current winning strategy will cause you to lose, you don’t have a winning mindset.

The problem is, successful traders will already make plenty trading. So it will take a lot for them to want to spend the time teaching. They could be charging a few thousands just for a few hours, but the value of what they can bring is beyond what cheap asses can comprehend. In other words, there will never be a match between the true successful traders who are willing to teach (for the right price) with those who terribly needs coaching.

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I really think finishing the school should be your priority. I’m currently in high school and always refer to trading view regularly, checking if I can understand price action aka, trending. Hope to finish soon and have a first hand knowledge of the basics before demo trading and eventually going live. Wish you good luck

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Hey yo
Thanks I didn’t know that…
U’re right I thoroughly agree with u, market is dynamic👍🏼

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Hey yo
Thanks for ur opinion
How’d u know that I still haven’t finished highschool? :sweat_smile:
yep I am really dealing with it but also put trading in my schedule; I’m not seeing my university field as my MAIN job, so I changed the piorities. u know,it’s optional.
I hope u the best dude :star2:

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