Is it possible to trade STRESS-FREE?

Stressful? No. Challenging? For sure!
But I can understand why people felt like trading is stressful because you are putting such amount of funds into trading in hoping to get some profits. If things go wrong, you won’t be getting money back. This can be seen as stressful experience.
Best to constantly practice and get better in both demo and live trading.

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Again, a trader’s resilience to stress is highly dependent on experience. Accordingly, the more experience a trader has, the less stressful he is.

School of pipsology has helped me alot overcome trade-related stress.
So, for those who are dealing with it, please read this:

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I think in many ways it also depends on the person who is trading. Accordingly, the less stress-resistant it is, the greater the likelihood of a negative outcome.

Seems to me you might qualify as an expert according to Niels Bohr. He says: " *An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field"
Hehehe! If you’re not there yet you might come close :wink: :+1: The scary bit is I have more costly mistakes coming my way! Thanks for your ever candid contributions.

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Completely stress free may be not but if you dont risk what you cant afford to lose, then you could lower the stress at very low levels.


The only thing I’m expert in is the number of trading mistakes I had over the years.

Hopefully you won’t have to make all the same ones too.

I have an acquaintance who labels himself a crypto expert - yes he even says as much on his website.

He has recently written a book, but from reading some if his web content, the book would be painful reading indeed.

I was shocked that he actually markets himself as an expert - that in itself is a major red flag.

It was the whole Brexit debate that first kicked off the don’t trust experts debate - thank you to Nigel Farage .

Point is, anyone who claims to be an expert should not be touched with one very large barge pole.

Well for me it can be a YES and a NO.

If you are a manual trader it is definitely a NO. Because in manual trading emotions is always there lot of factor to trigger this thing during manual trading even if you say you are a professional trader there is always a chance that emotions will get in your way and offset your strategy. Also, even if you say that you are willing to risk or lose that money you put in, there is always a chance that it will trigger your emotions and ruin your strategy. It is because you are interacting with the market.

However, if you are using Expert Advisor (EA) it still a NO, but it can lessen the stress drastically but not totally stress-free. EA are emotionless they are programmed to do their algorithm in the market, the reason behind why it still not stress-free is because there is no such thing as perfect EA, every EA has a flaws that you need to consider, there are times you need to cut loss or add fund in your account because the EA suddenly was not able to handle the market price movement. If you are aware of this flaws when using EA there is a chance that you can be stress-free, because when time comes you now know what to do.

That is all based from my experience in manual and using EA. I hope you learn something.

Anyway, if you need expert advisor I can share you mine. I developed and programmed this ea just search in the forum FX Prime EA. :wink:

This is one of the reasons why stress increases among traders coz they risk more than what they can afford to lose, better safe than sorry!

I feel that it is possible only in theory to get rid of emotional factor while trading. Maney cannot leave a person indifferent, especially the person who decided to link his life with trading forex. The only way to avoid being influenced by emotions is to build some machine which will trade for you. Only in this case can you trade emotionless.

Sure. It’s impossible to trade stress-free and useless as well. Useless, I mean that if you feel nothing at all while trading then there is no point to trade at all. However it’s kinda hard to find the fine line between stress-free trading and redundant/permanent stress while trading. To my mind, it’s kind of stuff which every new trader has to learn as well as othr fundamental rules such as money and risk management and so on so forth. One can say that we have to turn off our mind while trading, if we do that, then what are our purposes though? I’m sure that this practice is the hardest to be learnt.

Trading stress-free is only possible when your trading strategy works and you have a proper risk management. By putting a stop loss and target profit and detach yourself from the trade, you are already half way from stress-free. And if your trading strategy can give you more than 70% win rate then I think that you don’t have to worry too much about earning some money for your living. So work on your trading strategy first.

Agreed! Forex trading is never easy if you are a beginner. Consistence practice and making demo trades will make your brain functions in that way. Consequently you will have the habit of managing the trades.

I feel like I would stress less if I had more money to lose. To a rich person a $100 loss is nothing, but to most of us that’s a big deal.

Trading is the most stressful industry. All trades without excluding earlier or later catch up with stress and burnout. Nerves surrender, mistakes go one after another, depozit merge and in such a situation, even an adult man wants to hand and cry. Especially now, when there is a new financial crisis in the world.

You can trade stress free only after years of experience and understanding of your strategy. Same way professional in other fields work stress free

I think it largely depends on one’s personality. Me, I stress over everything, not just trading. Other people just don’t care, which is good for them.

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Absolutely. If they dont risk what they cant afford to lose then they`ll also wouldn’t chase the loses which is also very important.

That’s true. I’ve heard of people taking loans to trade. I can’t imagine that.

it is possible to trade according to any principles and approaches, in such moments everything depends only on yourself and which option will be most convenient for you