Is Option robot useful or Is it a scam

Hello everyone,

Please I need to know if option robot is a scam. if yes, is there a genuine robot that works more than 80 percent.

Thanks and I will be expecting your speedy response

Frankly, I don’t support to trade with others trading system or strategy! It is always risky! Although I never buy others EA or strategy, but I see many traders buy trading system and the result is nothing! Only learning is real in trading sector!

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If you aren’t more specific and tell which program you are talking about, no one can tell you, but MOST of them either don’t work as advertised or are pure scams.

Good rule of thumb is that if someone has an robot that really produces those fantastic winnings they are advertising, they wouldn’t have any reason to spend their time selling those robots, they could just make their money from forex.

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Thanks so much NaguibSawiris

Thank you so much for the prompt response, Im talking about option robot

You are always welcome Jemmy! Hope, you’ll be successful here by manual trading! All the best.

I have to disagree EA’s are profitable as long as you know how to use & properly set them, trust me it takes time & money to find the profitable ones. So whatever bot you are talking about if the author cant show you live multiple videos of that bot taking option trades winners & losing trades I wouldn’t be bothered

So far, I have only been into manual trading. Recently, I got to know about automated trading also. Before using it, I want to know if it is worth using when I am already doing good with my manual trading.

They are useful for traders and a lot of them rely on automated trading systems for their trade. But it really depends on your experience.

Automated trading has evolved significantly over the year but I don’t think that even in the future it will be possible to be profitable on the basis of automated trading alone. At most, I feel it will take a combination of both automated and manual trading to be successful.

You are right. No one reveals a winning trading systems because he will be too busy making money with it.