Is scalping doable as a long term plan?

Is there anyone scalping for a living? I want to go this route and I want to focus on this while I trade on demo. Is it doable or will I just be wasting my time?

For a new trader scalping isn’t even doable as a this-afternoon-term plan…

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I do know of two pro traders who focus on scalping successfully, two hours each day. one focuses on the EUR and the other trades the indicies. However, IMO, it’s a long term losing game for newbies because they don’t have the detached mindset that is necessary to succeed whether it’s scalping or not.

Obstacles are exhaustive emotional responses leading to gambling, overtrading, revenge trading and risking blowing accounts. Practising on a demo account gets you nowhere because there is no money at risk. If you want to go down that road buy a bot instead. You might get lucky.

Best of luck.

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