Is small account really a problem?

Small account is not a problem. With a small account, your trading lot should be tiny as well. There is a thing called risk management in trading. It suggests that you must not take more than 2% risk in a single trade. If you take less risk, the reward would be small as well. This is it. Do not concentrate on earning money first. Concentrate on earning number of pips. You will be on the right track to make a good amount of money within some years.

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Providing you can practice good risk management and have realistic expectation of what is possible with $100 then that is fine. Too many expect to be making 10x on their deposit each month with that much and it simply won’t happen. AT least not sustainably

As above use proper risk management so between 1-2% per trade irrespective of account size and let your edge payout

Using a small account as a beginner is the right choice to make, and it is also one of the safest ways to trade in forex without causing any big loss on your profits.

I don’t see starting trading with a small account to be a problem. With small risks, traders can get acquainted with the market better. But in the longer run, this wouldn’t bring you big profits. You have to take higher risks to get higher rewards.

It is completely ok to start trading forex with a $100 deposit. Here’s something you need to know Can I trade Forex with $100?

In case, if you want to explore forex with very less deposit, read Which Forex account is best for Low Capital Investment?

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You can watch my trading journal. See for yourself how it will grow, so you can take it as a fact. No need for opinions in this business.

Small account is difficult to be fair. Especially as it takes a lot of patience. Starting small is good to find out your own weaknesses and to strenghten yourself as a trader.

I think it’s best to start trading with a small trading account because if you trade directly with the big risk, you can face a lot of burden, which can cause problems for you if your trading psychology is weak. So it is better to take small risks first and get used to becoming profitable with that. .

I find starting with a small trading to be a good move. As a new trader, you lack trading skills. Since with a small trading account there is low risk, you can utilise this opportunity to build skills and understand trading psychology in a real trading environment.

This should be one of the best replies to consider on this post. Even when you have large sum in your account, always consider starting from small to build consistency in the market. You have nothing much to lose if something goes wrong in your early days.
Just look for a broker with good minimum account size that you can start with, the joy I felt when I saw Forexchief’s minimum account size is still vivid. I concluded this was something I could work with for a start without fear.

It’s fine to learn on a smaller account, just use 0.01 lot size and just trade one pair at a time to start with (that’s what I would do anyway). Also it could be a good idea to stick to the major pairs as they tend to be less volatile. One of the trading groups I am in did a fun challenge last year and I did $10 to $100 on my CedarFX account. Tight risk management was out of the window, but it was fun, low risk (not much to loose) and showed it was definitely possible.

When you start trading, you hardly know anything. Learning takes one step at a time. And small accounts are great to help you with skills since they also minimise the risk of trading. I think it depends on your purpose. For anyone who has been trading for a long time, small accounts will hold no meaning for them since they are ready to take a high risk.

even$1 works, its all the same

Frankly, having a small trading balance isn’t your advantage! But till now, you have the chance, you just need to make sure your trading skill 1st & have to follow the money management rule so tightly!

Imo, when you start trading, you should trade within your comfort zone. Avoid risks that you can’t afford to take. If small accounts help you with that, then they are not really a problem.

After demo trading, you will only know what the live market looks like. But not exactly how it functions! For that, you will have to trade in the live market and find out. Now that, without experience, you may not be able to handle large capital, it would be best if you use a small amount to trade and test the live market.

No, small account is the best strategy for beginners to use since it reduces risks and losses while gaining live training experience.

Even experienced traders use small accounts to try their new strategy and skills to recover easily if there are losses.

When we are making less profits then we will have to make some efforts to increase them.

In a small account, the profit ratio also remains small. But small account is effective for new traders who are verdant at trading. But things are different for experienced traders because they have been here for a long term and deserved a better profit. So, small accounts are not suitable for the professional traders.