Is there any hope for EURUSD?

I’ve been playing around with different strategies on my demo accounts, and I’ve been hedging USDCHF against EURUSD (modified Hedging). I then had a idea … why not take profits on the pair which goes positive once you get about 10% of your total account, then either rebuy the pair or allow some movement before reentering the market.

Unfortunately, the pair (EURUSD) has continued to drop, and since I did not put a stop on the order, since I was “kind of” hedging, it’s in the hole over $3000.

Now, on one hand, I am in the hole $3000 on a trade, but on the other hand, I took a $5k demo account and turned it into $10k within 3 weeks. I am probably at $10.5k right now, but that is not counting the $3.5k I am in the hole.

I guess my system works great in a non-trending market. If it conitnues to oscillate up and down, I can rake in the profits. I seem to feel the pain if I reenter the market during a high point. I am wondering when I will ever be able to cash out?

Any ideas how to improve this system?

Interesting method. Will you detail the trade you are referring to so others may comment on it? Also, what is the general observation that led you to test this method?