Is this a good result?

I would be on the lower risk side, mainly because the market sentiment this year has been very sensitive to change, which accounts for these huge spikes i see during a week’s trading. I only have 5% open trades at one time, with most trades at 1%.

However, your risk management process does give you an edge over your initial risk exposure, and providing you can maintain a large account size , I wish you best of luck.

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30% profit means it’s something huge. You may have over-traded and it’s not certain that if you continue this way, you will still remain profitable after three months.

@quasar_ssa first, congrats on your exit strategy, seems to play a big role in allowing a 43% win rate to be profitable. Word of caution, the plan to exit a losing trade early is relatively easy to implement on demo, making it a solid practice with real money bets is almost guaranteed to present more psychological challenges, so you’ll need steely discipline and determination to keep it working.

I would also think it’s a good idea to demo longer before making the jump to live if the high average value of your winning trades is created by only a few really good ones rather than a recurring norm. If so, a larger sample would help in determining if they constitute a ‘reliable’ probability. To that effect for my own stats calculations I like to apply a trimmed mean measure to eliminate some possibly unrepresentative outliers: omit an equal number (say 5 to 10 %) of the best and worst results. But that’s just me! Best wishes.

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One key aspect of my approach is employing a flexible risk management system, where I adjust my risk on each trade. However, I do have a limit set at 5%, It’s important to highlight that the average loss per wrong trade stands at 1.73%.

I had 53 trades in May. Tks for your feedback, I’ll test it for another month.

That’s a bit of great advice. In this case, removing the 10% best and worst results, the profit would be 24,9%. What do you reckon of it? Thank you for your input.

That’s remarkably impressive and promising, I’m envious! Good continuation to you.

That’s nice of you, thanks. Good luck as well.

Hey everyone!
@tommor @eafiltergrid @SwingTrendTrader @steve369 @Elliotrades08 @TTH

Just wanted to drop by and give you a little update since you all came through for me last time. So, I’ve been testing my setup a whopping 99 times over the past seven weeks. Now, I gotta be real with you, my winning rate ain’t exactly stellar—it’s sitting at a measly 41%. But hey, here’s the good news: I managed to pull in a solid 52% profit during that time.

On average, my bad trades slapped me with a 1.5% loss, while the good ones treated me to a sweet 3.5% profit.

Now, here’s the plan: I’m ready to take the plunge and start trading on a live account. However, I’m gonna start with a small amount of cash, just to dip my toes in the water. I’ll need all the luck I can get, so if any of you have some valuable insights to share, don’t hold back!

Wish me luck!

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50% profit over 2 months is excellent results. An average loss of 1.5% per loser is not excessive, and your r:r is over 1:2.

You are tenacious - I give up any strategy that doesn’t make a 50% win rate.

Good luck.


Thank you for the update. I will be rooting for you!

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in conjunction with your average reward-to-risk ratio of 2.33, though, it certainly ain’t exactly bad, either :sunglasses:

you’re doing very well, and far better than most people at an equivalent stage

well done indeed!

i admit, though, that a 41% win-rate would make me a little bit anxious in principle, because it is possible to have some pretty long losing patches with that … there will, for sure, be points at which your account is at least 15% down on its highest point, but if that’s within your risk parameters, and you’ve allowed for it, that’s ok

sounds fine to me, and your trading-frequency of just under 3 trades per day sounds perfectly sensible and manageable, too

99 trades is a little on the low side for statistical significance, but by the time you have about 250 results under your belt, you’ll feel a lot more confident about your expectations

looking forward to further updates and wishing you well

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Thank you, @flamingoproxy
Yeah, anxiety is a big issue. I had a losing streak recently (14 consecutive losses with 1 win in the middle) in which I lost 19% of my account, which was emotionally challenging. But yeah, I was expecting it to happen, and I just sucked it up. However, I do know that in the live account having control over my emotions will be much more difficult.
Thank you for your support!

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i hear you

you can’t avoid this, with a combination of a 41% win-rate and a 1.5% average risk - it’s a mathematical certainty that that (and worse) will sometimes happen

i understand the anxiety, too: it’s basically impossible to tell whether (a) it’s “just a bad run”, or (b) what you’re doing has stopped working, together with the panicky feeling that (c) maybe it never really worked as well as you thought and you just got off to a very lucky start - hence my comment about 99 trades not being quite enough, really

you can’t altogether avoid anxiety, in such circumstances, though! we have all “been there”

(i’ll be very honest and admit that, personally, i would be re-setting your position sizing so that your average risk is 1% rather than 1.5%, but that’s just me, and i’m very conservative and risk-averse, and you did say that you’re only starting with a small amount to dip your toes in the water, so it may not apply to you at all!)

anyway, if you keep going at your present rate, you’ll soon enough build up a “cushion” in the account, which will also help you to feel less anxious - good luck!

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Yeah, I have a plan in place that allows me to be aggressive because I have 90% of my savings in a low-risk investment and 10% reserved for high-risk investment. I am trying to figure out if trade is the high-risk investment that I should put this 10%, you know.
The only way to do it is by doing it, I guess.

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that makes complete sense, of course - i was just checking that you realise that you are perhaps being a bit on the “aggressive” side! :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah, totally. Your tone was very polite and I can clearly see that you’re trying to help, not criticise. I appreciate it.
I’m doing it, but don’t take me wrong: I’m terrified! :rofl:

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Here is a link to a top pro trader. He makes common sense.

Best of luck.

As people already mentioned the risk management settings are probably not optimal and it will be good to know what timeframe you’re trading on.
Sometimes higher timeframes can give more profitability and less risk exposure if done right.
But overall I would not recommend staying on the demo for too long. All your blueprints can change as soon as you switch to the real account.
The emotions from losing real money is a big factor that definitely will come into play.

Thank you for your input. I trade H1 only, and I’ve already moved to a live account. So far so good, the results have been similar to the demo account, but it’s too early to say if it’s sustainable.