Is this a scam or legit?

Worth asking yourself what would you do if you had a system that allows you to make $100,000+ this year. And next year and the year after and as long as you have sight to see the screen.

With all that money and the ability to raise more, would you be selling stuff to make more money? e.g. would you be buying second-hand cars to polish up and re-sell? e.g. would you feel the need to be making jam in your kitchen and selling it to local food shops?

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

I’m thinking there are possibilities to make a lot of money fast in trading but as it involves either luck or high risk it is not sustainable, so the vendors need another source of income, as their trading isn’t as good as the headlines say.


they are selling fake dreams there is many way to fake in reall account and show off , there is many way to lie behind the screen , the sin is because they are average people dont have any background in finance and business studies just because youtube you see too many of them growing fame and attention they charging people to give them back normal lessons and experiences they just fooling people with this mentoring things
just see the title of videos the sin is there they lie in numbers how i made 10k 20 k …Today !
they not talking the losses and the hardness of it
these monkey scammers one after another , if they want make journal trading let them do but not selling and marketing that they know something that others dont
their study lessons are so low in value and so cheap it can be find anywhere
i myself can make 10 k a day in any high regulated brokers reall account without lose nothing!
this need to be stop somewhere mentoring is growing fast everywhere

Hey Mark, oooooooooo you used the “S” word. Don’t forget, in the world we live in there is no Sin, just different viewpoints and shades of grey, no right or wrong, no integrity. I offer as evidence Goldman Sachs, knowingly selling “Crap” and tanking the worlds economy, along with the shenanigans of the sub prime mortgage business of falsifying loan docs, to make a bonus, or comply with corporate goals. Then when it all falls apart, the financially ignorant conservative media blames the Gov’t, and speaking of sin, don’t get me started on the other side. None of the people responsible for this were called to atone for this disaster, everyone got their bonuses, and their Bennys. I mean really, a secular humanist, who cares about people knows that this behavior is damaging to the innocent, in fact even a cold blooded reptile like myself knows this.

Oh yeah, now I remember. If you are able to trade, successfully, consistently producing Alpha, it costs only about $400 to get the 4 main licenses to trade between states and more than 15 clients. 400 whole bucks, and don’t give us that " oh we will not bend to the will of an overreaching Gov’t" nonsense, if you are a profession you will get the licenses. Face it dude you just can’t trade. As I have pointed out, $10,000000. X 24% is $2,400,000. If you take 15% percent for yourself, the trader, that is $360,000. per year, plus if you keep the rebates for providing liquidity, you are looking at around 400k us per year. Now what does that look like in margin terms. If you are swinging, at 2.5%, only about $250,000. k, you can calculate for yourself how many units this is in you favorite cross. But in the context of today’s market, 10 mio is chump change, and 250k is minuscule. Butt (notice two Ts, to irritate Lexys) “ay, there’s the rub!”, YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO TRADE" heheheheeehe :trophy:

That’ s why I hold Gurus in such contempt, they cannot trade, its very simple, they never provide a certified anything, not even a blotter were the brokers customer service rep says, yes this is Mikey’s Live Blotter. Please stay away from these people. Now that having been said, these ads may even pop up here on this site, maybe. But since the Robot Elders here do the Internet Google Random ad deal, anything could pop up. Not their fault, just the Al Gore Rhythm. Except for the “Date Hot Ukrainian Chicks Sites” which I think that Pipcrawler added here for some nefarious reason. :smiley:

Anyway if you sign up for this nonsense, please don’t come here whining about losing everything and now you are living in a culvert outside of Bradley in Worcestershire.

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bro these people ten time worse they get alot more people and look at camera and lies every time
i dont want make it philosophy talk whose sin or who to blame i just myself dont like them simple point of view , i just look at internet and it seems all of them faking it because most of them retail trader not professional.
im more likely talking of majority retail traders going after misleading information im not care pro people because they know what …
i look at anywhere every one became a mentor im not sure if still any left to trade them self
i continue the list and there is a lot i may only call the names , anyone or organization charge the people without show any evidence and certificate from regulators and financial advisers that they are doing this in professional way is scammer straight and clear

I also wanted to know the answer what Tonmor asked you. But As per my trading experience I know that this business is totally legitimate business. Because all over the world need the currency conversion. When they need so the just come to forex market. Because this is the only market where currency exchange is possible. Though this business has few risks but which business has not? Forex has the opportunity to earn unlimited of money.

all of these people claim that they make fast money with less risk and its easy if you would only follow them , they not likely talking of the student that lose money or not making it like 20 k to 200k a year
jonathan the answers are obvious just need to be abit fair
when you buy second hand car is always have value over the yearzz and when you make a jam you know how many bottle jam to make its just wrong example and compassion

I wish there was a button to click that said “OK mate, you’re on your own from here. So long”.

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i appreciate that . you guys can make community of your own mentoring programs

trading mentors review
Trading Mentors Archives - Page 3 of 10 - Trading Schools.Org

topstep trader review

In total, we received 163 respondents.
We discovered the following:
The average TopStep Trader spent $1,145 in combine/hamster wheel fees.
79% of participants were never able to “win” a funded trading account.
Those that received a funded trading account averaged -$900 in earnings. In others words, even the winners were net losers.
What was even more shocking was the estimated net profit of TopStepTrader. All survey participants had spent over $186,000 in TopStep Trader combine fees. An incredible amount.
TradingSchools.Org took a closer look at the business model and discovered that nearly all of these ‘combine’ fees were pure profit for TopStep Trader. Our internal model has the gross profits at about 90%. Truly remarkable.

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This is by far the best review site I’ve seen, cheers for the link.

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By far the most corrupt and deceptive, you maybe mean, RISKonFX?

Its compiler, Emmett Moore, was prosecuted by the CFTC and FBI after stealing his clients’ funds.

He was sent to prison.

He now runs that site criticising vendors. He writes negative reviews about firms and then charges a big fee to remove them or even “change his mind and re-review” them.

You can read more about it at these 4 links, if you want to learn a little more before judging it:-

its seems everybody hate him , he has alot hatters because their own benefit
of course no one like to reveal their stuff .
what is these articles Quickly . what it shows really :confused: nothing
the guy has to eat and run their website so just because he use affiliate ?

here is this website income report its written clearly:

here is their review for b12 :

here is another one he mention thing clearly :

Affiliate Income

Since June 2, 2017, TradingSchools.Org has been paid $1,366 in affiliate income for the promotion of Dekmar Trades.

Some folks are probably already poo-pooing the idea of the affiliate relationship. However, running this stupid blog has been a major time suck. If you think I am driving an orange Lamborghini with bikini models, you need to get your head examined by a licensed health care professional.

Trust me when I tell you…the business of uncovering frauds, fakes, and phonies is not nearly as profitable as being a fraud, fake, or phony.

The affiliate income ‘is what it is’. Unless readers want to flip TradingSchools.Org into a subscription based model, then having these relationships is the only way to keep the lights on.
Dekmar Trades *Update* - Trading Schools.Org

Yes, I’m sure that’s right.

And that will perhaps be why Moore, being a convicted fraudster himself and having done a prison sentence for it, does such a fraudulent and deceptive activity as writing awful, dishonest reviews of some vendors’ products and services and then charging them money to remove the review. It’s probably more or less “instinctive” to him.

oh thats so negative of you taking every sentence and magnifies it …
also he never removed any of his review , im long time checking his website and know about
and if you have paid for such services and vendors you already must find out whats going on compare with these review

Hahaha, this thread got derailed into attacking the attacker, etc. Bottom line, trading, certified by broker or accounting firm, or it didn’t happen. RevShark did this the best. Also if a “prop firm” is charging YOU to trade, well have fun with that.

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m interest it I never heard of ,do they have track record and performance in public i didnt find either

Yeah, he posted something in the 90s when him and the Lizard King got started, but I don’t know currently, haven’t followed them in, wow, 20 or so years. By the way, their calls and guidance were free at one time.

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400 post and im no more posting , here would be last post and topic :eggplant::peach:

Suit thieves in financial markets :

These people are putting hand in your pocket in many ways and very respectfully, and with your satisfaction they will grab your pocket.

-First batch of thieves: False claims of big profits
-The second : thieves attracting capital
-Third : Demo Accounts
-Fourth : Traditional cents Accounts
-fifth : Strategy vendors
-Sixth : Signal Dealers