Issue with EA not loading on demo chart - MT4

First, I have an fxcm demo account ($2000 start, which is something I can do, for sure).

Second, I have one system I eventually want to trade manually (still learning, though it’s been successful as I learn more).

Third, and the issue toward this demo account: any and all EAs, whether it be market or otherwise won’t work on the mt4. I want to test a specific EA (rather not get into the name/advertise, etc). In any event, it claims, as does the developer, that the EA has unlimited demo use. I paid for a certain number of robot-accounts, but demo is to be unlimited.

The issue in depth: I’ve triple checked all the settings in the platform! I’m ready to pull hair out over this, which is silly. The built in robots WORK. :smiley: The ones from market do not. The ones that are online that are free…do not. The ones on random websites…do not. You get the idea. The ones built in work though, so it shant be my settings, or is it?!

I spent an hour on chat with customer service “live chat” with fxcm, however that has not helped. My sales broker has walked me through what he could see and thinks it’s something inherent with the EA…however this is a blanket issue with all EAs…I feel like they might possibly have my demo acct showing as live, despite it most definitely not being live (I’ve never deposited money, etc).

I emailed the developer whom was kind enough to update the EA, which I also tried, and had the same result.

Error when attaching to a chart:
“Access Denied!
Enter this account #: ******** in your profile,
and enter your ___ username into ___ settings to activate.”

If anyone has any ideas toward the cause or a remedy, or whose end this issue is on (EA/Broker/my platform/my laptop/etc), that would be great!

For example, the MACD EA (in the experts folder, built into the platform) attaches to any chart without issue. If I could just get past this…heh…I feel like I’m wasting valuable learning time trying to iron out something I’m not doing wrong. :confused:

Thanks :smiley:

I finally found a broker with demo that didn’t have technical issues. EA works fine there, still doesn’t work in fxcm…I’m baffled. Identical settings and I did nothing differently. Oh well. Manual trading only on fxcm it is! I did plan to have one manual trading account, and I can do that on fxcm no problem. I’m just trying to set everything up to be as it will be once I move to live trading (no surprises with commissions, spreads, etc). If anyone does happen to have any advice to change this, that’d be great. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, Ivymasquerade!

You mentioned that your FXCM MT4 demo has a starting balance of $2000. It’s possible you set up an Mini account demo, instead of a Standard account demo. In order for EA trading to be enabled, you will need a Standard demo.

You can open a live Standard account with FXCM with $2000 and trade on our No Dealing Desk (NDD) forex execution. On the NDD model, we offset each of your orders one-for-one with the best prices from competing liquidity providers.

That means FXCM doesn’t profit from your losses, or lose from your profits. Instead, we profit from your trading volume via the commission we charge on your Standard account. FXCM wants you to be profitable, so you will trade more with us. That makes our NDD model ideal for running your EA. :slight_smile: