It is possible to make it!

Hi everyone, i wanted to let anyone who it overwhelmed and bogged down with the vast amount of info available on the net that there can be a light at the end of the tunnel. I spent a long long time trying to find ways to succeed in FX and everytime i thought i had make a break the next week it all fell apart.

About a year ago just as i was about to give up i was set onto somebody through this forum who had a supposed amazing system. And offers training on this system. Origionally i was scepticle and the obvious questions went through my head. If its so amazing why sell it? Why do you want my money if you can profit from FX? How do i know it works? What guarentee to i have?

I was proved wrong on all of these, all of the money i paid on a money bck guarentee was donated to charity, it was totally non commercial. The guy was doing it to help others.

8 months on, trading the system every day, i have been consistant with good profits, not millions but enough, and every month its building. I am still in close contact with my mentor, and donating to charity every month.

What i am trying to say is if you feel like you are in a rut, my 2 peices of advice are simply this from experince.

  1. Dont loose real money finding out how hard trading can be.
  2. If it is really what you want to do, take you time, learn your ass off, and it really is true persistance pays off.

Just wanted to let you all know through all the doom and gloom it is possible!


Bro… what is your system about …?:smiley:

I can not post the system as it would be dishonest of me but i can tell you this as a hint.

It is a simple system, not millions of indicators, there is one custom indicator which gives simple buy and sell confirmation signals, other than that there is nothing out of the usual, it is based on supp/res, fibbo, MA’s and trendlines. With a strict set of rules, and clever money management that i havnt seen before it provides a consistant result.

The point was that it is possible and try not to get involved in too many indicators. If you do you wont be able to see the wood for the trees!

why would it be dishonest of you to tell us about your system? this is a sharing forum with lots of inteligent people on it, as you can see from my post i try to discuss profitable trading stratergies, one of which is really succesfull at the moment, so are you honestly going to tell us that you have made money with no indication of what or how you do it, just a one liner telling us that people can be succesfull in forex, i have been successfull and i know lots of successfull people in forex and also know losers as well i dont understand why you would post this thread

when the market goes up or down there are winners and loosers that the hole princable of any market you get buyers and sellers or put it another way winners and loosers.

they’re hoping to con some new traders that don’t really know any better, but they are just really really bad at it. It’s kind of pathetic really :frowning:

OK, thank you for an encouraging post.

However, as [B]TREVPICK001 [/B]and [B]Akeakamai[/B] stated, you would do well to post your method for the interests of others.

Otherwise you post remains somewhat cryptic!! :smiley: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

good bait, watch out for the hook